Before you Approach

Before you approach

My new and improved website contains all the information you’ll need to know about Me in its pages. Still, I know many prefer a path of least resistance. For them, I present this brief list: four essentials you’ll need to know before approaching Master Ruby.

How to address Me

The only honorific that I use is Master – “goddess,” “mistress,” and other alternatives are bright red flags. I chose My honorific after much deliberation, and have not used any other label in My Domme career. It’s a blatant show of disrespect for anyone, especially a self-proclaimed submissive, to approach Me by any other designation.

 In addition, take note to capitalize My honorific pronouns when addressing Me in writing. Attention to this detail is often overlooked but makes a positive impression when properly applied.

How to compensate My time/attention

My time is of value. Whether you are a hobbyist or lifestyle player, expect to compensate My time and attention.

I enjoy conversing with potential subs, but consider this – at all hours of the day, My inbox is flooded with unopened requests to “chat” and ignored pleas of “ownership.” If you hope to cut through the noise and build a relationship with Me, your best chance to make a good first impression is here.

Show Me that you have more in mind than your own pleasure by sending a tip or purchasing an item from My wishlists.

If you prefer a lower-stakes encounter, I’d suggest keeping up with My availability on SextPanther and Niteflirt.

How you can get to know Me

The easiest way to do this is to thoroughly review My website – everything you need to know about Master is laid out in detail here. But My personality truly shines in less curated spaces.

I’m fairly active on Twitter, sporadically so on Instagram, and keep My visual musings up to date on My Tumblr like any good millennial.

Those who prefer a more intimate courting experience can find it on My fansite LoyalFans, one of the few places where I eagerly converse with subs.

How I like to play

I engage with a range of kinksters, from fetishists to hobbyists to devoted lifestyle submissives.

For the former, I recommend learning about My particular domming style by way of My clipstores: iWantClips, ManyVids and Clips4sale. I’m naturally theatrical and revel in letting My sadistic flag fly in front of the camera. My stores currently have over 200 clips that explore feminization, financial domination, slave training, and body worship, among other kinks.

For a personalized clip experience, I encourage purchase of a custom here.

My favorite way to play is, without a doubt, in person. Online interaction is fun, but a real connection is best built in the flesh. To set up a playdate with yours truly, fill out My submission form.

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