I am the most exquisite gem you will ever encounter, and one you will never be able to touch. A sultry stoner goddess, My hypnotic presence is bound to enchant you. But I am not here for your amusement. As a black femme supremacist, I am here to take what is mine. Colonizing your wallet is the purest form of reparations, and once you get a taste of My brand of domination you will be hooked.

Black Feminist Lens

I’ve always had a streak of rebellion about Me. I started exploring various subcultures at a young age and even then derived joy from disrupting people’s perception of Blackness, femininity, and the forms either can take. This exploration in adulthood has led Me to Domination is My preferred way to collect.

Kinky Interests

I delight in composing scenes that plunge My clients into a world of Black Femme Supremacy. Within this framework, I engage all kinds of play, including humiliation, impact play, Master/slave scenarios, degradation, and more. The further I venture into the psyche of My pets, the closer they arrive to the ecstatic release of full submission. The realm of desire is vast and expansive, and I get endless pleasure from pushing the boundaries of My submissives.

Safety First

The major feature that distinguishes BDSM activity from abuse is the presence of informed consent of everyone involved. Before diving into any scene, My submissives and I must negotiate the terms of consent, including hard limits, safe words, and aftercare. I pride myself in the continuous expansion of My knowledge and improvement of My skills. I never want to harm submissives; My only intent is to create a safe space where trust is established and W/we can explore and safely engage the boundaries of .

All potential submissives MUST honestly and thoroughly complete My submission form  before they can be considered. Any form that is submitted incomplete or with unverifiable information will be immediately rejected.