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Meet your Master

Black Feminist Lens

Master Ruby has always had a streak of cultural rebellion about Her. She began exploring various “deviant” communities at a young age, but was often met with incredulity due to Her identity. Even still, She derived joy from disrupting people’s perception of Blackness, femininity, and the forms either can take. Her own experiences with misogyny and racism have heavily informed Master’s BDSM pursuits and led Her to uphold radical tenets of Black Liberation in Her work.

If you enter Master’s world of domination, you will be educated on the breadth of Black Feminist Theory, train as an antiracist tool for Black Liberation, and weaponize what privileges you have to benefit the oppressed.


Master Ruby delights in composing safe and thoroughly negotiated scenes that plunge Her clients into a world of Black Femme Supremacy. Within this framework, She engages in all kinds of play, including humiliation, impact play, body worship and more.The realm of desire is expansive and Master receives endless gratification from pushing the boundaries therein with Her submissives.

A cursory list of Master Ruby’s favorite ways to play includes: impact play (paddling, whipping, caning, belting, etc.), CFNM, humiliation, chastity, cock & ball torture (CBT), JOI, CEI, body worship, financial domination, smothering, degradation, feminization, ashtray training, bondage, M/s, and puppy play to name a few. Her hard limits include: anti-Black raceplay, scat play, and blood play.

Master Says

Take a dive into the twisted and sadistic thoughts of Master Ruby.

Here you’ll find musings, including Her philosophies as a Black Femme Supremacist, anecdotes from sessions, expectations of those who wish to serve Her, as well as Her darkest fantasies.

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