mas·ter / mastər/
(noun) a person who holds another person in slavehood

My kinky curiosity began early in My sexual development. I’ve always occupied othered identities – Black, woman, queer, neurodivergent – so recognizing a deviancy in My carnal appetite was little surprise. I was titillated by the taboo – the more I explored, the more I hungered for power, the more I found bliss beyond the limits of polite society.

Early in My practice, one thing became clear: radical tenets of Black Liberation and intersectional feminism were foundational to My play. I integrated my strong Black identity into my BDSM practice, developing an affinity for financial domination, femdom feminization, and orgasm control. More than anything, I reveled in taking full control of a willing subject – control of their mind, pleasure, and finances. Within intimately negotiated scenes, submissives give in to their desires and surrender themselves to My reclaimed power. If you wish to join them, I require that you familiarize yourself with My play protocols.

My favorite kinks to indulge are as follows:

Sensation Play

From the catharsis of pain, through the discipline of discomfort, to the ecstasy of orgasm – I employ many tools to elicit a range of sensations from your eager flesh. My bullwhip, Harriet is My favorite tool. But I have a plethora of canes, paddles, floggers and more.

Financial Domination

Money is power, and My favorite form of power play is financial domination. Surrendering the security that money provides is the purest form of submission. As you search through scores of findom websites in search of a true master, put your finances in the hands of a powerful Black Dominant – reparations has never looked so good.


I revere all traits of the feminine, and elevate them in life and play. When you submit to forced feminization by Me, you’ll be empowered to embrace your femininity and shape it as a tool for liberating self-expression.

Slave Training

For the submissive who wishes nothing more than to serve My every wish, there’s no better way to do so than with a master. There are a number of areas in which a slave can be of service – finding your unique place within My empire is the first step of many in this journey of long term devotion.

more interests & limits

I also enjoy Age Play / Mommy Play | Bondage | Genital Torture | Breath Play | Humiliation & Degradation | Watersports | Roleplay | Smoking Fetish | Body Worship (Ass, Foot, Armpit) | Femdom GFE | CFNM | Chastity & Orgasm Control | Facesitting / Ass Smothering | Pegging

My hard limits are sexual intercourse, bottoming/switching, scat play, blood play, wrestling, anti-Black raceplay, and humiliation based on marginalized identity. If you don’t see your interest listed, inquire by way of My submission form.

Goddess Mistress Queen


Fate has led you here, but courage will guide you through to the rapture you seek.
Immerse yourself in the world of Master Ruby Bridget.

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