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You crave the guiding hand of a superior entity. Having finally found Me, you are mesmerized by My curves, My curls, My commanding presence. Slowly but surely, the allure of My complete control takes over…

Submit yourself to the divine presence of Master Ruby Bridget and be immersed in the revolutionary power of My melanated femme energy. I will show you My vision of Black Supremacy, finding immeasurable pleasure in your inevitable resignation to My control. Financial domination, humiliation and degradation at your expense are only a few of the many ways you can hope to be dominated by Me. How will you serve your Master ?


SEPT 24, 2020 Black women have long been the lustful desire of men (and women) across races for centuries. It’s…
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Take a dive into the twisted and sadistic thoughts of Master Ruby.

Here you’ll find musings from yours truly, including My philosophies as a Black Femme Supremacist, anecdotes from past sessions, expectations from those who wish to serve Me, as well as My darkest, dirtiest fantasies. Enter if  you dare.