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Your New Purpose

You crave the guiding hand of a superior entity, and that long-held need has led you here. Having finally found Master Ruby Bridget, you cannot help but be mesmerized by Her curves, Her coquettish nature, Her commanding presence. Slowly but surely, the allure of Master Ruby Bridget’s complete control takes over…

Submit to the divine presence of Master Ruby and find yourself immersed in Her power. She will show you Her vision of Black Femme Supremacy, finding immeasurable pleasure in your inevitable resignation to Her control. Financial Domination, Humiliation and Physical Torment are just a few of the ways you may hope to be dominated by Her.


Master has trained for years in BDSM philosophy and technique in order to hone her abilities. She does this to safely, accurately, and skillfully manifest Her submissives’ fantasies. For this reason, she earns a premium fee for all sessions and encourages tribute from those who wish to make a good impression. She accepts these through a variety of platforms – the list thereof is subject to change, but any good pet will become familiar with each.

Master Says

Take a dive into the twisted and sadistic thoughts of Master Ruby.

Here you’ll find musings, including Her philosophies as a Black Femme Supremacist, anecdotes from sessions, expectations of those who wish to serve Her, as well as Her darkest fantasies.

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